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Featuring Cytisine: Effective, Safe and Fast Stop Smoking Aid!

Cytisine Effective, Safe and Fast Stop Smoking Aid!

Tabex (Cytisine) is one of the most important, if not the most important smoking cessation aid today. Rewarding members with unbeatable price benefits.

A complete course of 21 days to stop smoking with Tabex 100 tablets of 1.5 mg Cytisine.

Tabex Club Cytisine stop smoking aid
  • Tabex Membership Club for $10.00 off per unit.
  • Club membership is $50.00 per year.
  • Easy to use personal code.
  • Orders are shipped out of Bulgaria.
  • Price as low as $23.17 (order of 3) delivered worldwide.
  • Membership pays off if ordering 5 in a year.
  • No tricks. No gimmicks.
Tabex blue retail box

We also operate Membership and discount applicable at Tabex course is 21 days with 100 tablets. The habit of smoking is so difficult to abandon. It is our desire to accommodate people wishing to reuse.

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Price per unit as low as $21.00 with membership.

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